Medtex maternity Support Socks made of 100% high Quality natural Cotton and fine yarns which helps to Reduce Swelling, Pain, Edema, Varicose Veins, & DVT, Feel immediate relief and comfort during the challenges of pregnancy.



MEDTEX Maternity Compression Socks are the best gift for the Mom and Little one for several reasons:

PROMOTE A HEALTHY PREGNANCY : The gradual compression of our Maternity Socks provides enhanced circulation of blood to the heart. Because of the improved blood flow, more oxygen enters your bloodstream and more nutrients can be effectively delivered to your developing baby, promoting a healthy and successful pregnancy. Pamper your tired legs and Support your LITTLE one all at once.

PREVENT VARICOSE VEINS & ENERGIZE YOUR LEGS : By improving blood flow and circulation, Medtex Maternity Compression Socks may help to prevent the ankle, leg, and foot swelling often associated with pregnancy. They may also help reduce the risk of developing varicose veins (spider veins) so you can stay looking and feeling good! The knee high compression stockings reduce muscle cramping and swollen feet while re-energizing tired legs.

ULTRA CONVENIENT DESIGN: The open-toe design allows you to wear your compression socks anywhere with a neutral color that blends into any outfit. Wear them with any type of footwear - even sandals. Easily adapts to fluctuation in the shape and size of your feet, which is common during pregnancy. Unlike traditional full stockings, our knee-high design provides you the necessary support for maximum effectiveness & saves the trouble of removing and refitting during restroom breaks.