Medtex Leg Ulcer kit:

Ulcerated legs require special attention and MEDTEX Leg Ulcer Kit uses a liner and overstocking combination to create a unique pressure profile for the effective treatment of venous leg ulcers. This kit provides superior clinical effectiveness in the management of venous leg ulcers with a simple 2 part system.




Liner Stocking:

MEDTEX Liner Stocking(11-14 mmHg) can be worn 24 hours and has also a therapeutic effect during the night. At night wearing the liner stocking helps to reduce pain and discomfort, helping patient to rest.


1.Provides gradient compression(23-32mmHg)
2.Over stocking on the ankle reinforce the compression during the day
3.Soft and elastic heel

Combined Stocking System:

• Ideal combination of liner and overstocking for optimum therapy
• Perfect sizing
• Venous leg ulcer with edema
• Prevention of recurrence following healing of venous